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In Happenings

By Gavin Bannerman

Bowl-O-Cross Wrap-Up

On 12, May 2014 | No Comments | In Happenings | By Gavin Bannerman

Bowl-O-Cross is all about participation, whether it be someone trying their hand at cyclocross for the first time, or an experienced rider competing against similarly race-hardened contemporaries. But we still keep track of who finishes first. Of particular note was the ding-dong battle between Robbie McEwen and young up-and-comer Jack Druery. The youngster pipped the champion sprinter at the post to take out the Full Whites Final.

We also staged a Mothers’ Day Cup. Riders were required hang out an item of washing and ice a cupcake in between laps. This special event was taken out by Daniel Corbett. An honourable mention should also go to probably the best name I’ve seen at a bike event: Mr Ernest Tyre.

A big thank you to all the riders for competing in such great spirit.

 Mothers’ Day Cup winner Daniel Corbett

U11 – 3 Laps
1. Leroy Butler
2. Darly Kilmartin
3. Luka Routledge
4. Marly Harrison
5. Emily Blatchford
6. Eleanor Angus

U15 – 6 Laps
1. Ewan McEwen
2. Haddon Kilmartin
3. Eliza Dowell

Barefoot – Final
1. Adam Harrison
2. Joel Byrne
3. Bennett Rust
4. James Pisko
5. Darragh Murray
6. Glynn Hicks
7. Daniel Angus
8. Andrew Viles
9. David Jacobs
10. Yvette Waterfall (1st Female)
11. Suzette Davis (2nd Female)

Full Whites – ‘B’ Final
1. Les Heap
2. Nicholas Banks-Watson
3. Lan Bui
4. Daniel Corbett
5. Larry Dyer
6. Richard Banaszczyk
7. Cristina Begy (1st Female)
8. Ernest Tyre
9. Sharon Heap (2nd Female)
DNF Jeremy Haynes

Full White – Grand Final
1. Jack Druery
2. Robbie McEwen
3. Karl Wilson
4. Declan Kilkenny
5. Jason Smith
6. Joshua Bosschiter
7. Yannik Frank
8. Scott Smith
9. Benjamin Albany
10. Jon Giles
11. Simon Wilson
12. Michael McMahon
13. Alex Clairs
14. Mark Routledge
15. Paul Woodward
16. Christopher Myattes

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