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The Big Day



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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Five down

On 25, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman


It’s a different experience writing the Pushies Galore wrap two weeks on. I’ve been more delayed than usual in giving an overview of what happened; in some ways the post-event buzz has worn off, but I think in its place is some greater understanding.

Sunday 12 July, our fifth Pushies Galore. People often ask me what Pushies is like, and why it’s held annually. “It’s kind of like the Ekka,” I reply. It’s just on the calendar now, people kind of expect it and little rituals around the day are slowly forming. And just like the Ekka it can be windy. Not gentle breeze windy, but pick-up-marquees-from-park-next-door-at-3am windy.

It’s tricky to remember real specifics from the day, but my strongest impressions were about the kids’ parade – that was a blast – and what we call, in Dennis Denuto style “the vibe.” There is just this little sweet spot in the day, generally around 1pm or so where it just reaches a crescendo. All the components (the show, the swap, the stalls, the trade) all come together in perfect harmony. The sausages taste the best, the second hand cranks become cheaper, the stands become more enticing, the show bikes start to glitter and the band picks up.

In terms of quantifiable aspects of the day, the Lions Club, Yeronga Flood Centre and Kurilpa Community Childcare made a combined $3600 out of the day and a record $14,500 was withdrawn from the ATM and 190 bikes were entered in the show ‘n’ shine.

We stress that Pushies is all about celebrating bikes in all guises, but we do give out some certificates to those bikes our judges think are particularly nice. The following people achieved some kudos:


Antique – Lyle Paull

Vintage – Alan Telfer

Track – Alan Telfer

Road – Rob Cobcroft

Made in BNE – Owen Ronalds

Cargo/Utility – Zac Nedwich

MTB/Knobbly Tyres – Brad Norman, Kids – Oliver Norman

Cruiser/Rat/Dragster – Kevin McLean

BMX New School – Lix North

BMX Mid School – Liam Rogers

BMX Old School – Nick Goh

BMX Vintage – Gavin Anderson


People’s Choice


You can check out plenty more bike portraits here.

And finally, this day wouldn’t be possible without everyone involved in organising and running Pushies Galore: Richard and Erin, Baxter, Archie, Leroy, the Butler and Sullivan families, every volunteer that sweated it out and everyone that came to enjoy the fun. Thank you, it was great. Five down.

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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Bike Party

On 09, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman


I’ve been having to explain Pushies Galore to my almost-three-year-old son. The best explanation I can give is “it’s a bike party.” He know what parties are and he knows what bikes are. Good idea combining them Dad.

At midday, there will be big bike parade for the kids. We’re encouraging all the (small) kids to dress up their bikes and be part of the show. There will be a few bits and pieces to personalise your bikes on the day too.

If doing adult stuff all day is boring, there is also a really good bike track at the back of the bowls club.

With all of that, it’s shaping up as a pretty good bike party.


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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Wouldn’t it be nice

On 01, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman



Wouldn’t it be nice … to win a Cobra. This is the 2015 prize bike, an early 80s Cobra BMX made in Toowoomba. Everyone that comes along to Pushies Galore is in the running to win this glorious bike. Just make sure to put your entry in at the Info Tent.

This bike has been a collective effort. The paint was provided by Roberto’s Custom Powder at Morningside, powder coating the frame and fork. In Roberto’s words, he took the following approach:

The Cobra frame and fork had already been powder coated by the previous owner and showed all the signs of a basic industrial job, heavy orange peel and rust pitting in a boring off the shelf blue. The guys wanted a Madison style candy green for the giveaway Cobra with the highest quality finish. We stripped the frame, repaired the cosmetic imperfections and returned a stunning candy green frame and fork to the Pushies Galore guys ready to assemble. 

Give Roberto a call to talk about your next bicycle project on (07) 3899 9832.

Don from Oxley Cycles contributed the seat, seat post, rims, cranks, crankset, tyres and tubes.

Steve from Craftworx Custom Wheels supplied the spokes and laced up the wheels.

And Glynn from Pro Sixty Five contributed the pad set, remaining parts and did the build.

All of these great businesses have donated their time, effort and gear to make one lovely bicycle. If you have a restoration project, be sure to give them a bell.

Make sure you’re in the running to win it on 12 July – the winner will be announced around 2pm. You need to be there to claim the prize.





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In Lovely Bikes
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Poster Bike 2015

On 18, May 2015 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

Each year we put a lot of thought into our poster bike. We try and make sure each year is a little bit different, but still true to the local-made ethos Pushies Galore is about. Previous poster bikes have included a Bon-Ton gents bike made in Ipswich, a Llewellyn track bike made in Everton Hills and a Super L.A. BMX made in Woodridge. The very first bike featured didn’t have the local flavour, though it was a particularly nice Colnago. As you can tell, the graphic design standards improved once the professionals took the reigns after the first year.


After reading this guide, this year’s bike was an easy choice. When people talk about Brisbane-made bikes, there are a few names that have high awareness across Australia. Hoffy Cycles from Sandgate is one of those iconic Brisbane builders.

I’ve done a bit over the years on Hoffy, including interviewing Eric Hendren and putting up copies of Eric’s order books. It’s been interesting to note over the last few years, just how many times these books and the video get included in online sales listings. I think it’s for good reason: people want to connect with a little bit of Brisbane and Australia’s cycling history, and you can’t get much more genuine than Hoffy Cycles.

The hardest part was choosing which Hoffy to profile. I’d taken photos of an amazing Hoffy/Hendren “street tracker” a couple of years ago.


But a visit to the still-running Hoffy Cycles shop late last year put forward another candidate. John Harman has been working as a mechanic at Hoffy for donkey’s years. His beautiful road bike, built by Eric Hendren, was sitting out on display. The thing I love about this bike is that it looks so ride-able, but it looks so good: “everyday special” you could call it.



John told us the story about asking Eric for the bike to be painted in the famous Bianchi celeste. Eric mixed some paint to produce this colour: it’s definitely not celeste, but it sure looks good on a poster. Coming to good cafes, bike shops and drink establishments near you.

Pushies Galore 2015

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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

2015 special guest

On 12, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

Each year we endeavour to have a special guest up for Pushies. Somebody to bring a new perspective, somebody who does stuff we like. The list of previous special guests does include some big guns: Andy “Fyxo” White, Mick “Busyman” Peel, “Shifter Dan” Hale and Warren Meade are all great people that do great things.

Which makes it a great pleasure to announce that the guest for 2015 will continue that tradition. Adam Leddin is the man behind Cycle EXIF, one of the internet’s premier destinations for drool-worthy bikes. Adam worked as a bike messenger in Sydney for seven years and continues to dabble in all forms of cyclery. Adam will be up for the Pushies Galore weekend, his very first, so if you see him give him a big hello!


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In Lovely Bikes
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Pushies Portraits

On 26, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

This year we had Sally and Jason from Studio 60 shooting up a storm in the photo booth. We encouraged show ‘n’ shine entrants, then anybody who wanted to be photographed, to jump in front of the white paper. I love how these pictures reflect the breadth of bikes that come to Pushies. Everyone has a big smile on their face: bikes make us happy.

You can see this gallery of images on the site, featuring a selection of each person. And you can jump onto Flickr to see every pic taken.




















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