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In Happenings

By Gavin Bannerman

Come on in

On 31, Oct 2012 | 3 Comments | In Happenings | By Gavin Bannerman

This is Pushies Galore online, no need to wipe your feet.

After two years of doing the annual Pushies Galore event, it became clear it needed an online space. I have been running the Biking Brisbane site for the past 2 and a half years, itself a response to another bike event, and was looking for somewhere to take my bike blog activities.

“I” is Gavin Bannerman: I’ll be the main one behind the photos, stories and musings. Pushies Galore, though, is much bigger than me. Richard Butler, is “back-of-house”, the chief organiser of Pushies, a man of actions more than words. There is also a small army of helpers – more on them in weeks to come.

This site aims to capture some of the spirit of the Pushies Galore. Just as the big day in July is a chance for all cyclists to come together and show, sell, swap and celebrate their bikes, this site will feature all kinds of bikes and all kinds of fun. This is not a blog that re-posts videos you’ve seen everywhere else or new-fangled products from overseas. It is strictly “Made in BNE.”

Because this site will reflect a little slice of who I am, there will be the occasional non-bike post too. So don’t be surprised to see passing references to craft beer, good coffee, photography, provenance, design and how everything was golden in the 1990s.

This video by Smoke Creative from Pushies Galore 2012 sets the tone…


PUSHIES GALORE // 2012 from Smoke Creative on Vimeo.


  1. Street Food Australia

    Great Stuff! Love the video, can’t wait to serve it up to you at least once a year…on a bike!

  2. Very exciting and really looking forward to all-year-round Pushies Galore fabulousness!

  3. Exciting times. Can’t wait to see what you boys can do.

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