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In Lovely Bikes
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Just to recap…

On 17, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

Each year we’ve hoped for clear weather, and this year we got it. Standing out on the green just before sunrise, listening to the kookaburras waking up, and looking at the clear sky above, I knew we’d be in for a good one.

The day didn’t disappoint. It was our biggest and best Pushies Galore yet. This is the fourth year we’ve run it and I like to think it shows in the little refinements we’ve made through the years.

Let’s quickly start with the thank yous: Richard and Erin make Pushies happen, full stop, so with out them, nothing would get done. Both of their extended families pitch in tremendously through the day: from manning the merch tent, to putting up marquees, to running the sound. The houses Butler and Sullivan make the day tick.


The volunteers of the day were tremendous. I don’t want to leave anybody out, but Hicksy, Adrian, Michael, Gypsy, Keith, Malcolm, Brad and Matt who travelled all the way from Wooli, were outstanding. Everyone in yellow was a star and I thank them profusely.

So now, a few highlights throughout the day. The kids/vintage parade ride around the green was spectacular. Mixing dressed-up kids bikes with penny farthing riders was surprisingly seamless. The display of shearer’s bikes inside the clubhouse was a little gem. Bikes built for utility and ridden for many a miles, they stood out as honest objects.

Andy Rogers’ display of photos from cyclocross action down south had people asking just how we managed to run Bowl-O-Cross at the same venue as Pushies.

A special mention should go to the band Reel to Real who kept everyone entertained through the day. The drinks and food were a hit. Kombi Koffein were extracting all day, the Green Beacon kegs all got drained, the Yeronga Community Centre BBQ sold out of hamburgers, kimchi and cheddar jaffles blew minds and everyone had ice-cream.

Now, on to the bikes. We had more show ‘n’ shine bikes than ever before, across all of the categories. I thank everyone for generously putting their bikes up for display. Sally and Jason from Studio 60 were troopers documenting people and their bikes all day. Stay tuned for those portraits – they’ll be coming soon.

The swap was big, with some feverish activity early. Judging by the withdrawals at the ATM inside the clubhouse ($13,500) a few people must have unloaded some stuff.

The trade was extremely strong: frame builders’ corner saw the lovely handiwork of some brand new builds and some old favourites. People grabbed plenty of bargains and got to have a chat with some of people that actually made their products.

It was a special day: a great vibe, good people and good bikes. At the conclusion of the day, we awarded some prizes for the bikes presented on the day. Although every bike is special and has its own charm, we thought these bikes were deserving of special praise. A big thanks to our special guests Greg Softley and Dan Hale for coming up for the event too.

The category winners were:



BMX Vintage – Nate Preston


BMX Old School – Craig Fisher


BMX Mid School – Steve Sullivan


Cruiser/Rat/Dragster – Scott Lynch


Kids – Rob Walker

Ladies – Graeme Meade


Track – Brad Marshall


Road – Ben Smith


Knobbly Tyres – Rachael Edwards


Cargo/Utility – Ben Kamenjas


Antique – Lyle Paull


Vintage – Alan Telfer


Made in BNE – Hugh Bekkers


Miscellaneous – Aaron Lynch


Pushies Galore Build-Off (1st) – Kevin Slogrove


Pushies Galore Build-Off (2nd) – Clint Slogrove


Pushies Galore Build-Off (3rd) – James Robbie


People’s Choice – Aaron Lynch


Prize Bike Winner – Anthony Fletcher

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