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In Happenings

By Gavin Bannerman

Licensed to ill

On 07, May 2014 | No Comments | In Happenings | By Gavin Bannerman

This weekend sees Bowl-O-Cross enter its second year. While most Cyclocross events, and most two-year-olds, encourage a fun atmosphere, Bowl-O-Cross takes fun to the extreme. There will be varied events all with different formats and obstacles.

Cyclocross attracts many new/casual riders who are unsure if they want to race. If you come along and just want to ride your bike for giggles, you can. By entering the Barefoot category you can be as casual as you like. To ride the Barefoot category you will need a minimum of a participation license. MTBA rules are clear for the use of these licenses: ride only. There are no prizes for places, only prizes for best dressed, most inappropriate bike or whatever else you impress us with.

For those who want a crack at Robbie’s title, you can. Normal license rules apply. A MTBA, Road, BMX or day race license is required. Enter the Full Whites category and race like crazy, just remember everyone is having fun, you should too.

Registration is open from noon to 12:45pm.

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