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By Gavin Bannerman

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On 07, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Happenings, Lovely Bikes | By Gavin Bannerman

Greg Softley from Gavin Bannerman on Vimeo.

After every Pushies we do a small debrief and ask ourselves, “what next year?” What’s going to be the new thing we can do to keep things interesting?

We’ve always liked the feeling of the night events we’ve held: Handpicked last year and the launch event in 2012. It gives an opportunity to get a bit dressed up, have a bit more of a chat and see a few special bikes in real detail. Compared to the all-in colour and buzz of the Sunday, these night soirees give us a bit of breathing space, the chance to have a few drinks in good company.

So for 2014 we’ve tried to make it extra special. Greg Softley’s 10 carefully-selected bikes will form an impressive display. I’m holding back on giving the entire list, just to keep an element of surprise. But if you think words like “Colnago”, “Arabesque”, “Laser”, “Galomozzi”, “ICS”, “Stucchi” and “Anniversary”, you get the picture. In addition to complete bikes, Greg will be presenting some other landmark pieces of cycling history: prototype components, early gear systems and several technological one-offs.

This Friday night will involve an exclusive viewing and in conversation session with Greg. Each of these bikes has a back story. This will be a chance to hear them straight from the source. Throw in some good food and drinks and it should be a good night.

Tickets for the event are still on sale. We will need to know final numbers very soon for catering, so either book your ticket online or buy in-store at Crankstar.

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