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In Happenings

By Gavin Bannerman

On The Couch

On 11, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Happenings | By Gavin Bannerman

We always like to do a little something special on the Friday night before Pushies. In years gone by, we’ve had bike bling with Greg Softley, Oppy’s race bike, and Brisbane-made bikes returning for a visit.

This year we were lucky to have New South Welshmen Adam Leddin from Cycle EXIF, Ben Kamenjas from Cicli Spirito and Geoff Scott from Clamont talking about bikes. It was great to hear Geoff’s stories first hand, his thoughts on disc brakes and just how much insurance affects independent framebuilders. It was eye-opening, for example, to hear that it can cost upwards of around $400 per frame, just in insurance costs, for a framebuilder.

Highlights included seeing Geoff checking his phone pinging with alerts towards the end of the night, seeing Ben’s familiar bike re-interpreted and finally getting to chew the fat with Adam, having poured over his site for many years. There were quite a few cameras on the night – stay tuned for more visuals and records of proceedings.

It was a tops night of wood-pizza, a few Green Beacon cans and friendly faces. A huge thanks to Adam, Ben and Geoff for coming up from Sydney to share their thoughts and experiences. Thanks to Steve from Crankstar for having us and thanks to everyone for coming out and sharing in the good times.


More pics here.


See you Sunday.


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In Happenings

By Gavin Bannerman

Bike Q&A

On 03, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Happenings | By Gavin Bannerman

This may be a tricky time to run this event: three New South Welshman talking two days after a State of Origin decider about bikes in a format not dissimilar to ABC’s Q&A. But Pushies Galore is a platform for free speech and is more than willing to accommodate our southern brethren.

Come along to Crankstar on Friday 10 July from 7pm to join in a discussion with three great cycling identities, who just happen to be from Sydney, and kick off the Pushies weekend in style.

Ben Kamenjas is the owner and operator of Cicli Spirito on Sydney’s North Shore. Ben is a storyteller of the highest order, spinning yarns from his years in the bike industry (as well as just about every other industry you could imagine.) I’d call him a polymath, his interests traversing valleys seldom travelled by mere mortals. To get a feel for his space, have a look at these pics I took around Christmas last year of his studio.

Adam Leddin runs Cycle EXIF, an online collection of the world’s most beautiful bicycles. Fresh from Eroica Britannia, Adam’s worked as a bike courier and manages to combine his love of graphic design and bikes through his site.

Geoff Scott is an Australian framebuilder with the runs on board. He’s built under his own brand Gefsco as well as for Clarence Street Cyclery under the Clamont name. Geoff’s a regular contributor to online forums, generously sharing his decades of experience making frames. Geoff will be bringing up a carload of his special bikes, including a 1982 Clamont Professional Tandem (ridden by Russell and Byron Tucker) and bikes ridden in the Commonwealth Games.

A night of bike chat, beer and good food awaits.

Date: Friday 10 July

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Location: Crankstar Bespoke Cyclery, 50 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba

Cost: $5 entry


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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

2015 special guest

On 12, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

Each year we endeavour to have a special guest up for Pushies. Somebody to bring a new perspective, somebody who does stuff we like. The list of previous special guests does include some big guns: Andy “Fyxo” White, Mick “Busyman” Peel, “Shifter Dan” Hale and Warren Meade are all great people that do great things.

Which makes it a great pleasure to announce that the guest for 2015 will continue that tradition. Adam Leddin is the man behind Cycle EXIF, one of the internet’s premier destinations for drool-worthy bikes. Adam worked as a bike messenger in Sydney for seven years and continues to dabble in all forms of cyclery. Adam will be up for the Pushies Galore weekend, his very first, so if you see him give him a big hello!


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