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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Five down

On 25, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman


It’s a different experience writing the Pushies Galore wrap two weeks on. I’ve been more delayed than usual in giving an overview of what happened; in some ways the post-event buzz has worn off, but I think in its place is some greater understanding.

Sunday 12 July, our fifth Pushies Galore. People often ask me what Pushies is like, and why it’s held annually. “It’s kind of like the Ekka,” I reply. It’s just on the calendar now, people kind of expect it and little rituals around the day are slowly forming. And just like the Ekka it can be windy. Not gentle breeze windy, but pick-up-marquees-from-park-next-door-at-3am windy.

It’s tricky to remember real specifics from the day, but my strongest impressions were about the kids’ parade – that was a blast – and what we call, in Dennis Denuto style “the vibe.” There is just this little sweet spot in the day, generally around 1pm or so where it just reaches a crescendo. All the components (the show, the swap, the stalls, the trade) all come together in perfect harmony. The sausages taste the best, the second hand cranks become cheaper, the stands become more enticing, the show bikes start to glitter and the band picks up.

In terms of quantifiable aspects of the day, the Lions Club, Yeronga Flood Centre and Kurilpa Community Childcare made a combined $3600 out of the day and a record $14,500 was withdrawn from the ATM and 190 bikes were entered in the show ‘n’ shine.

We stress that Pushies is all about celebrating bikes in all guises, but we do give out some certificates to those bikes our judges think are particularly nice. The following people achieved some kudos:


Antique – Lyle Paull

Vintage – Alan Telfer

Track – Alan Telfer

Road – Rob Cobcroft

Made in BNE – Owen Ronalds

Cargo/Utility – Zac Nedwich

MTB/Knobbly Tyres – Brad Norman, Kids – Oliver Norman

Cruiser/Rat/Dragster – Kevin McLean

BMX New School – Lix North

BMX Mid School – Liam Rogers

BMX Old School – Nick Goh

BMX Vintage – Gavin Anderson


People’s Choice


You can check out plenty more bike portraits here.

And finally, this day wouldn’t be possible without everyone involved in organising and running Pushies Galore: Richard and Erin, Baxter, Archie, Leroy, the Butler and Sullivan families, every volunteer that sweated it out and everyone that came to enjoy the fun. Thank you, it was great. Five down.

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In Lovely Bikes
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Pushies Portraits

On 26, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

This year we had Sally and Jason from Studio 60 shooting up a storm in the photo booth. We encouraged show ‘n’ shine entrants, then anybody who wanted to be photographed, to jump in front of the white paper. I love how these pictures reflect the breadth of bikes that come to Pushies. Everyone has a big smile on their face: bikes make us happy.

You can see this gallery of images on the site, featuring a selection of each person. And you can jump onto Flickr to see every pic taken.




















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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Thank you

On 15, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

One day, we’ll get a Pushies morning without rain. Three years, three drizzly mornings. Sunday 14 July 2013, however, was the wettest of the lot. At 8:30am, we were faced with the question: “do we go ahead?” We had to ask ourselves if people would come, what would be the chance of getting everything back for a re-run. In the end, we decided to press ahead. And, aren’t we glad. It was a wonderful day.


A full write-up of prize winners and highlights will be forthcoming, but some notable mentions should be made. The generous souls that put their show bikes out in the drizzle were amazing. The penny farthing riders were monumental. The parading kids were stars. The swap stall holders were out bigger than ever. The trade never relented in putting the customer first. The food vendors pumped it out all day. The musicians kept spirits high.







But Sunday would not have been the same without the punters. People that didn’t have a stake in the show ‘n’ shine, visitors that may have come for the first time, and those that have been there from the start. From all of the organisers and volunteers, we can’t express how amazing you were. You braved it in the rain. You came and you made it the day it was.







Annie Te Whiu tirelessly captured the day. I think it amazingly captures a specific place at a specific time. See the whole set here on Flickr. If you came, there’s a fair chance you’re featured.

The effort that goes into Pushies Galore is phenomenal. It really is a group effort. Richard, Erin, the Butler family, the Sullivan family, extended crew members, volunteers – they make sure this event runs. It is on behalf of these people, that I want to wish everyone a heartfelt thank you.







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In Happenings
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

The day before

On 21, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In Happenings, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

The Pushies Galore long weekend is shaping up nicely. On the evening of Friday 12th July, there will be Handpicked at the Holland Park Bowls Club. And of course there is the big day on Sunday 14 July.

A couple of enterprising souls have organised rides for the Saturday in between.

Lix Bacskay is running a BMX ride from Wynnum – “Radventure #4.”



Check out more details on the Lix BMX site. And have a look at this video from Radventure #2 featuring sensational iPhone videography.

SEQ Vintage BMX ‘Radventure’ #2 on the Gold Coast from Lixy B on Vimeo.

For the more inclined to roll at an average of 30km/hour to a choice coffee location, keep your eyes peeled on this FOA forum thread being organised by good friend of Pushies, Dayne Fuge.


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In Lovely Bikes
The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman


On 11, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes, The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

If you’re one of the southern folks thinking about booking a trip to come to Pushies, make sure you’re up for Friday night. On the evening of 12 July, the Holland Park Bowls Club will host a little event to kick off the Pushies Galore weekend in style. We’re dubbing it Handpicked.

The night will feature a selection of stunning bikes and entertaining guests such as vintage bike aficionado Warren Meade. Add woodfired pizzas and some special beers from Mountain Goat Brewery.

This will be an opportunity learn the stories behind some unique bikes. One of these will be a 1927 Malvern Star ridden by Sir Hubert Opperman. He rode this particular bike on several motor pace races and distance record attempts. It’s a special bike, having been ridden by a special rider.

Added to the mix will be some Queensland bike history – both old and new. Come along on Friday 12 July from 6pm to talk restorations, decals and patina.





Last year’s conversation …

Pushies Galore 2012 – opening night from Gavin Bannerman on Vimeo.


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In The Big Day

By Gavin Bannerman

Bike Google

On 20, May 2013 | No Comments | In The Big Day | By Gavin Bannerman

There are some people that have encyclopaedic minds. Ask them something, then they’ll mentally flick through the pages and retrieve that sought-after fact. But how often do we look up encyclopaedias? I hardly ever do, and I work in a library. “Just Google it,” is the approach today. But what if Google fails? What if what you’re looking for is so obscure, so pre-digital, that, in Google’s mind, it doesn’t exist? That’s where you need people like Warren Meade.

Warren is a fount of knowledge on all things two-wheeled. He had a 20 year involvement with the former Bicycle Museum in Canberra, runs the well-known shop Bicycle Passion in Bairnsdale, Victoria, has amassed an impressive personal collection spanning 120 years of cycling history and generously shares his knowledge through publications such as RIDE Cycling Review Magazine and the BNA Forums. You might recognise several of his bikes – they featured prominently in the recent publication Racing Bicycles: 100 Years of Steel.

Warren will be our special guest at Pushies Galore this year. He’ll be one of our show ‘n’ shine judges and will be around to talk Malvern Star serial numbers, restorations and bike history. Feel free to punch something into “Bike Google” on 14 July.

Warren with BSA



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