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In Lovely Bikes

By Gavin Bannerman

Pushies Road Trip

On 05, May 2015 | No Comments | In Lovely Bikes | By Gavin Bannerman

The idea had been brewing for a while. We just had to make it happen. A fairly simple premise: a mini-van, a notable bike collection and some refreshment stops. Put that together and you’ve got a nice little road trip. On Sunday a group of VBEs (vintage bike enthusiasts) went out to see a great collection. I’ve written about Terry’s collection here before, so I won’t repeat myself too much. Suffice to say, Terry has a wide array of Australian, and Queensland-made bikes. Fairly well-known builders like Hoffy, Rocket and Tom Wallace are widely represented, along with more obscure makers like Bon-Ton in Ipswich, Renoun from Toowoomba and Dart Manufacturing Co. in Brisbane.

Terry road this Dart, around a hundred years old, on a ride from Broken Hill to Bourke – fitted with a non-period, comfy seat, bike computer and bottle cage.



A good day all round. How often do you get to ride a bike from 1887?


A massive thanks to Terry for being so generous in opening up his collection and letting us ride a range of his bikes.



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In Happenings
Lovely Bikes

By Gavin Bannerman

Friday night’s a great night for bicycles

On 13, Jul 2013 | One Comment | In Happenings, Lovely Bikes | By Gavin Bannerman

Last night, Holland Park Bowls Club hosted Handpicked – an entree to the Pushies Galore main course on Sunday.

We had a 1920s shearer’s bike, a beautifully restored curbside find, a Llewellyn randonneur, a Malvern Star ridden by Sir Hubert Opperman, a modern penny farthing, a restored Healing, a Bianchi team bike, our BMX poster bike and a pair of Rockets as built and ridden by Jack Pesch.








We featured two serial registers belonging for Hoffy Cycles, dating from 1939. You’ll be able to thumb your way through copies on Sunday if you want more info on one of your Sandgate-made bikes.


And we had chats with three very interesting gentlemen (Warren Meade, Martin Reason and Darrell McCulloch) ranging from the ethics of preservation/restoration to bike infrastructure projects to whether a timber Queenslander is like an old steel frame.


Warren Meade


Martin Reason


Darrell McCulloch (front)

Thanks to our speakers and guests for a top night of pizza, beer, bikes and great conversation. See the Flickr set for more. Entree served!


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