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In Musings

By Gavin Bannerman

On the square-framed road

On 16, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Gavin Bannerman

Sign backing in #tasmania

I’m currently on sabbatical, showing off our new bundle of joy. The itinerary includes Cradle country in Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney over five weeks. On this trip, I’ve decided to try my hand at Instagram.

It had always seemed like a closed society to me, mainly consisting of overly filtered food pics. But I have delved a bit deeper and found some potential uses. The past couple of weeks I’ve been Instagramming have brought me back in touch with the feeling I had during my “Lomo years.”

Twelve years ago I got an LC-A. I took it with me everywhere, averaging two rolls of film a week. I took great pleasure in recording everyday things: signs, weathered buildings, a discarded shoe. It was a visual diary, a way of remembering things that are easy to forget.

I’ve taken a similar approach to Instagram. Once again, I’m looking around me for interesting things, on the hunt for the next picture. I try to avoid filters where I can and mainly add pics I’ve only taken on my phone. At the moment, I’m liking the creative process.

I can see plenty of downsides to this method of image capture and sharing. One is image overload – digital is easy, sometimes too easy. We all see so many pictures nowadays, so I’m very conscious to only put interesting pictures out there. Instagram allows anyone to take photos, but it doesn’t make people instantly photographers.

Over the past week, I’ve been running around north-west Tasmania. Here are some photos from on the road. You can follow me on Instagram to get the latest.


Mean machine in Devonport.

Memorial to Norman Sykes in Railton, Tasmania.

Tassie bike touring. In Sheffield - one of money murals.

No bikes on footpath from 8am - 6pm in Sheffield. Can cut loose anytime on weekends. #tasmania

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