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By Gavin Bannerman

Terry’s Museum

On 12, Jun 2013 | 2 Comments | In Lovely Bikes | By Gavin Bannerman

Terry has been steadily developing an outstanding collection of bicycles, motorcycles and associated memorabilia. Richard Butler and I were lucky enough to get an invite to look through Terry’s museum of two-wheeled marvels. Fresh from the massive interest his video with Toowoomba collector James Macdonald, we organised for Dean Saffron to come and sprinkle some of his photographic magic.

I was taken aback by how many Queensland-made bikes Terry has. He has significant numbers of Tom Wallaces, Hoffys and Rockets – well-known and established Brisbane bike brands. But Terry’s collection goes way beyond that. Some great unknowns included: a 1930s mens roadster by Toowoomba brand Renoun; a Bon Ton ladies bike from Ipswich; a 1930 track bike built in Gympie under the name Speed King; a Maryborough-built Speedo road racer. That’s just to name a few.

On top of having an epic collection, he also does epic rides. In 2004 Terry and three other gentlemen (including James Macdonald) re-created an 1893 ride by P. Armstrong and R. Craig. These two men rode from Croydon in the the Gulf of Carpentaria to Sydney, a distance of 2,500km. Terry completed the ride on a 1901 Canadian Red Bird, while James rode a fixed-wheel 1905 City made in Toowoomba. At the time of the ride Terry was in his 60s.

Another special thing about Terry’s museum is the material relating to Jack Pesch and his store Rocket Cycles in Petrie Terrace. When the store closed down, Terry received many of the bulk lots of components, as well as cabinets, prize plates, signage and ephemera.

You’ll get a chance to see a Rocket that was built, owned and raced by Jack Pesch at this year’s Pushies Galore. It is a collection you need to see in-person to truly appreciate, but Dean’s photos are the next best thing.

You can also see my trigger-happy set of 159 pics on Flickr.

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  1. Annemarie Driver

    What is the address of Terry’s museum?

    • Gavin Bannerman

      Hi Annemarie – keeping Terry’s location secret for the next little while. He’ll be at Pushies this year – I’d ask him then.


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