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In Happenings
Lovely Bikes

By Gavin Bannerman

What a night

On 12, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Happenings, Lovely Bikes | By Gavin Bannerman

We wanted to run a special night in the lead-up to Pushies. A chance to look at amazing bikes and shoot the breeze. We did that and then some last night. Greg Softley gave an overview of his collecting and then took a tour around the 13 bicycles he had on display.

A Molteni ridden to a win in the 1968 Giro that was then stripped away due to a positive drug test (or the rider getting a tow, depending on who you ask.)


Each bike had a story – some had been raced, some had been conceived as show pieces – and brought out a bag of goodies, including a Cambio Corsa shifting system and a gold-plated ICS Campganolo crankset, with inlaid with Swarovski crystals. The selection of bikes and components was immense; I’ll let some of the photos tell the story.

A big thank you to Greg for being so generous with his knowledge and letting people see these amazing pieces of technology. We are truly grateful to Crankstar for being the hosts with the most. The guys from Work-Shop by MGDC kindly rushed in their latest prototype bike stand to support Greg’s Cinelli Laser Strada. And last of all, thanks for everyone that turned up to enjoy these special bikes.

You can catch up with Greg at Pushies Galore on Sunday, but these bikes won’t be there.

See more pics on Flickr.






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